Boosting Self Esteem

Self esteem can be defined as confidence In ones own worth or abilities. 

As an individual, You can either have a high self esteem or a low self esteem. Your self esteem reflects the way you see yourself and the confidence you have In yourself. While it is important to have high self esteem, there are many times things or persons can bring you down and alter your view of yourself. 

This is absolutely normal because there are stages where an individual begins to question himself. Am I worth it? Can i do it? Am I good enough? Can i do without this? These are common questions that might bring down a person's self esteem.

However , there are ways to give yourself a positive response to these questions and boost your confidence.

1. Avoid comparison: Understanding that you are different from everybody else and special in your own way is vital. It can be very easy to compare yourself to a friend or colleague but this only brings unnecessary pressure you do not want. Instead, focus on what you can improve. Identify things that are within your control to change and work towards improving them. Challenge your negative thinking or bad habits and be the best version of yourself.

2. Forgive yourself: Put the past behind you. Be kind to yourself for your past mistakes. Face the mistakes you have made, acknowledge them , correct your self and move on. Be compassionate to yourself about it.

3. Celebrate your small wins: Celebrate everything you do! Every accomplishment you make whether big or small, it is worth celebrating. Give yourself a thumbs up for waking up early. Celebrate finishing a book. Celebrate yourself for the little pounds you lose or gain. Celebrate yourself for quitting a bad habit even if it's just for a week. Bring in positivity into your life by celebrating your self every now and then. 

4. Positive mindset: Instead of thinking of a thousand things that might go wrong, think of a million things that can go right. Trust yourself to accomplish your set goals and encourage yourself from time to time. Think positively about your body, your career choice and your aims in life. Be more assertive.

5. Visit a therapist: This will be a safe place to talk about your problems without being woried about being judged. Most times, all we need to do is let out that worry and fear and talk to someone about it. Having therapeutic sessions is not only great for confidentiality but also for assistance and guidance.


Ayeni-Bepo Adewale

Editor at OurArea


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